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Your timber and timber land are becoming more and more valuable everyday. Not only are the supplies of sawtimber for framing and furniture and cordwood for fiber and fuel becoming more scarce, but the demand is growing, causing timber prices to climb.

Pressure from governmental regulation is pinching off timber supplies from national and industrial forests nationwide. At the same time, natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are destroying homes, buildings, and furniture that have to be replaced. The balance of trade deficit with foreign countries and the low value of the American dollar overseas result in higher prices for manufactured wood products. All of these factors make your timber and timberland more valuable.

While this may cause you to rush to sell your timber, BEWARE!!! There are unscrupulous and unprincipled buyers who will pay you only a fraction of the value of your timber and leave you having to pay fines for their non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Unless you have the proper knowledge and guidance in the sale of your timber, you might end up in court because of timber theft on the adjoining property or you might pay fines and civil penalties because of poor logging practices, or you might simply be robbed of thousands of dollars in timber value.

I offer a complete timber inventory, appraisal, and brokerage service to private landowners. I can tell you what kind of timber you have, how much of each species there is, what size it is, and how much it is worth under current market conditions. I do not rely on hearsay for prices. I use published market reports to estimate the value of your timber, and I have appraised timber for banks, saving and loan associations, and private clients for over twenty years.

My appraisals have been used in court as guidelines for timber values in litigation.

As a timber broker, I inventory your timber, appraise it, and prepare the sale in order to protect you. As your agent, I look out for your rights and interests. If I do not procure a price that you will accept, you are under no obligation to sell your timber. All costs in commissions, timber inventory fees, and preparation are tax-deductible as costs of sale. Even boundary surveys may qualify.

If you have recently acquired timberland, you may wish to have it appraised to establish a cost basis. Unless you establish the value of your timber as of the time you buy or inherit it, you may not be able to deduct the cost of the timber from the receipts for tax purposes when you sell it. If you are going to receive timber or timberland as a gift, it pays to have it appraised and documented for tax purposes. (Contact your attorney or accountant for specific information regarding your particular situation.)

I can also manage your timberland for non-timber purposes, such as water, soil, recreation, and wildlife. All of these activities combine to make good stewardship of your forest property and give you some return on the investment that you have made in property taxes, maintenance, and care over the years. I can also help you to replant a new stand of timber for your heirs.

It takes a lifetime to grow a stand of timber, and it only takes a few moments of ignorance and greed to lose most of its value and expose yourself to liabilities that can possibly exceed the value of the timber.

Contact me today and let me help you with your timber and timberland. There is no charge for me just to meet with you and look at your timber.

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